If you are a witch or into any type of parapsychology, you are familiar with the “Clairs. Depending on who you speak with, there are 6-8 different clair senses that are recognized by the witch/occult community. The most commonly known is clairvoyance which means “clear sight” and refers to the ability to see things physically manifest that others cannot. You know, like, “I see dead people”. I have been gifted with claircognizance (clear knowing), clairsentience/clairempathy (clear feeling; both physical and emotional), and clairaudience (clear hearing). I call the latter “Third Voice”.

For me the “voice” presented as a woman and until I was an adult, I never made the connection that her voice was MY voice – my adult voice. As a kid, she always sounded like a grown up, but as I got older, I realized it wasn’t just any grown up, it was me! Third Voice was my grown up voice and had always been.

The first time I was glaringly aware of her existence was when I was about eight years old. My parents struggled badly with addiction throughout the 80s and 90s and at times the neglect was extreme. One day after cashing her check, my mother dropped a $100 bill walking to to the house from the car and I found it. I remember standing in the front yard holding the crisp new bill in my hand and staring at it in sheer awe. I had never held that much money.

As I was standing there, one of my mother’s addict friends and her boyfriend walked up behind me. They immediately saw the hundred dollar bill and began trying to manipulate me into giving it to them. “That’s a lot of money, sweetheart you should let me hold it so you don’t loose it”, etc. In a normal situation, they would be right, but these people weren’t normal. These were meth addicts. I knew they were all strung out yet still, they were adults and I was just a dumb kid.

I stared down at the bill contemplating whether or not to hand it over. It was in that moment that I heard my Third Voice say, clear as day, “I can’t believe they would try and take advantage of a child like this.” Then very firmly but calmly said, “Go give that to your mother now.” I remember I didn’t even hesitate. I immediately just did as I was told and darted, without explanation, into the house. Afterward, I distinctly remember thinking, “Whose voice was that?!” She sounded very adult-like and she did not speak in the words or thoughts of an eight year old kid.

This is why I call it Third Voice, because it often cuts in or interrupts my thinking, as if a third person has entered the conversation.

Throughout my life this voice has been there, guiding and advising me. Third Voice has prevented me from harm on so many occasions that I couldn’t count. The only times in my life that I fell flat on my face were those times I defied her, refused to listen, or didn’t walk away when she told me to run. Defying her isn’t easy, trust me. Her voice can be brain-piercingly loud if ignored. To the point that once, I literally plugged my ears and went “la la la la la” really loud trying to push her out of my head…to no avail of course.

It took me 30+ years to make heeding her warnings and advice second nature. I had to learn to be still and just receive without doubt. Throughout my lifetime she has kept me grounded, checked my ego, prevented me from physical, mental, and emotional harm, and revealed great truths among a sea of lies. Now in my 40s, I’m much more in sync with her energy. Although, I’m still unable to summon her at will. Someday, maybe. Until then, she comes to me on her terms, at her will – whatever that may be. Regardless, I am grateful to have been given the gift of her presence and even more grateful to be able to recognize her as such.

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